Anal Sex Is Serious Business: How to Prevent Infections

We talked about anal sex accidents involving poop. This is by far the biggest worry of people who want to try this form of play, and a topic that’s often a butt of jokes. With that vibe around, no wonder many are still weary of trying — they sure don’t want to be a star character of the next half-drunkenly told pub story.

Disclaimer: all the silly puns made here are intended. Competition: find them all and give me a number in the comments.

While pooping during anal can be embarrassing, it is still more of an, erm, external concern. Communication, trust, and a non-judgemental atmosphere will easily address that kind of accident if it happens.

Infections, however, are a more serious, internal matter, and laughter alone will not cure them. (If you think it will please consult your doctor or shaman.) There is a disproportionate amount of attention in the popular culture and media given to crap*, while more serious topics remain insufficiently covered — a hole in the knowledge, if you will.

Enough ranting. Let’s get to the bottom of the matter and talk about hygiene, and preventing infections during anal sex. We can it out to the melody of the children’s song “Head, and shoulders…”; we’ll talk about holes, fingers, gloves, and toys, (gloves and toys!).


Anal sex is often one of the components of a longer sexual act, one that might involve penetration of the vagina, if the latter happens to be around.

Whether using a toy or a penis, in the heat of the moment the temptation might be to swiftly change from anal to vaginal penetration. I’m sure you see there is a *little* problem with this approach.

It’s the butt we’re talking about here — an end of the digestive process, a master tool that gets rid of what the body doesn’t need, want, or what’s dangerous for it. Even a very clean rectum may contain traces of feces, as well as bacteria that only belong to an anus. Transferring them to the sensitive vaginal areas can cause serious infections.

What to do?

Understandably, during the steamy sex session, your mind might not be thinking of planning and hygiene so much. So… prepare for it beforehand.

Best tip is to use a condom. Not just on the penis, but also on dildos, and other toys. Put a condom on when pleasuring one hole, take it off, or change when pleasuring another. It saves you a trip to the bathroom if you want to use them for anything else (like mixing icing for the cake…?).

By the same token, it should also come as no surprise, that whatever you put into one anus should not be used for another one before being washed. If the sex session involves more than two participants, switching between penetrating different anuses without a clean-up or a condom change is a bad habit to say the least. By bad habit I mean, it’s just a stupid and inconsiderate thing to do. Yes, I am that judgemental.


Fingers are often the first way to stimulate the anus, either in preparation for further activities or as is own pleasure act. Fingers are even more likely than the toys to wander elsewhere during sex, and we don’t want to spread this nasty bacteria on our, or our partner’s body.

Other than remembering to wash your hands after anal play, you can also try using latex gloves. They can also be a good solution if you think your hands or fingers are too coarse. For anal fisting you should use a long latex, or rubber glove.

Point to note about latex: it is destroyed when used with oil, therefore oil based lubricants are a no-no. Opt for water-based lubes or latex/”condom-friendly” ones.

Two bonus points:

  • Trim your nails — we don’t want to scratch or hurt that cute butt.
  • Keep your hands moisturised for a soft buttockal touch. This should really be a hand cream ad.


Contrary to what you might have expected this bit will not be about the importance of communication, or dirty talk.

We’re talking about rimming — oral stimulation of the anus. If you want to learn a term that will help you at scrabble next time, it’s also called annilingus. But, I digress.

Oral stimulation can be peripheral, circling with your tongue around the anus, or more insertive — putting the tongue inside the butt. It’s a good way to relax the receiver before other forms of stimulation: finger play, penis or toys.

If you don’t feel comfortable stimulating the anus with your tongue directly, you can try using a dental dam. In spite of its name it is not a teeth-care related tool, but a very thin protective layer used to prevent skin to skin contact (also used for cunnilingus sometimes).

Do not use a oil-based products in conjunction with dental dams as they can destroy them. Also, remember dental dams are of single use!


Toys and butts are like red wine and peanuts — great companions. There is a delicious variety of toys that can be used for a butt including plugs, dildos, prostate massagers, bananas… whatever floats your boat really. Before you go off to Amazon to for a spending splash, let’s talk briefly about safety.

There is an analogous danger with toys as with penises. If they are likely to be used for more than one hole (or more than one person) then to prevent germ transfer use a condom.

Remember a condom should always be used if you’re dealing with porous toys, like those made of plastic.

The pores collect bacteria, and therefore can’t be thoroughly cleaned, even with special sprays, or any of the home-made magic cleaning solutions your grandma taught you about.

During a play session you may find yourself taking a break from using a toy and discarding it in a fit of passion. That’s alright. However, bear in mind where you put it. It will be pretty frustrating to promise your partner that you’ll use a butt plug, and then spend 10 min trying to find the damn thing.

More importantly however, if the toy drops on the floor, duvet (or rolls into a cat litter tray) you better clean it with an antibacterial wipe before using again. Generally, wherever the toy goes in the intermission, it’s always a good idea to wipe it before reinserting. Make the wipes a part of your anal play toolkit, and keep them at hand.

Play safely, kids.

Note: the post skipped the very basic points such as: wash your hands, toys, and butt before and after anal play. It’s pretty obvious, right?



*pun intended. Popular media is crap.