Top Ways to Do Anal: How to Prevent Accidents During Anal Sex

What’s the first thought that springs to your mind when hearing the word “butt hole”? Let’s be honest, it’s probably not pleasure.

Anal sex a sensitive matter and, like all sexual play, requires trust and open communication.

Keeping our worries hidden is likely to only perpetuate already existing taboos, and for sure will not help address our fears. There are many anxieties people have with regards to anal sex, but it is the issue of poo is an elephant in the room — a concern present on both the giver’s and the receiver’s side.

Pooping during anal sex can be a butt of jokes and a topic half-drunk pub stories. With that vibe around anal sex, no wonder some people are worry of trying it at all. Sigh.

To rephrase the title in a less euphemistic way, this post will talk about preventing shitting during anal sex. This will be quite a blunt piece of writing, but as it comes to butts there should be no ambiguities.

To give you a short intro, we’ll talk about the reasons of poo accidents, how to prevent them, and… how to react when they befall us.

Why accidents happen?

This will be short, as it is pretty obvious. A butt hole is the end of the digestive tract, the exit door of the large intestine where poop is formed. Once enough of the fecal material reaches the last part of the large intestine (rectum) and exerts pressure on its walls, the nerves send signals to the brain that it’s time to expel the contents.

During anal sex the penis or toys will be inserted inside the rectum. It will generate pressure on the same nerves that tell the body to defecate. If there is material to be expelled, it might come out 🤷‍♀️

Another reason for accidents is the suction generated by repeated insertions of items inside the anus. Even if most of the poop has been discarded before the sex session, the suction can still bring out a remainder. This is especially worth remembering for long, or intensive anal sex sessions.

How to prevent accidents

1. Go to the loo.

This is a pretty obvious advice. To prevent poop from coming out during anal, we need to let it out on a separate occasion.

Before an anal encounter receivers should make sure they had been to the loo, and that their bowels feel relatively empty. The two areas we are concerned with here is the rectum and the sigmoid colon, the part of the large intestine right before the rectum. Both of them can be involved in an anal encounter.

The easiest, most natural approach is to make sure to have regular bowel movements. The best way to aid this is to drink a lot of water and have a healthy diet, full of fibre, fruits and veg. But hey, we’re not here to preach about your well-being habits, so let’s move on.

2. Go to the loo again.

You probably read the first point and thought: “yeah, but how do I force myself to poo if I don’t feel like it?”. I know, you can hardly control this activity of the body. There are, however, other ways to make sure your butt is empty. Namely: enemas.

An enema is a process of injecting liquids into the butt to imitate the pressure that causes the defecation reflex. There are a few options that can be used for that: enema kits (anal bulbs), water bottle systems, or shower attachments. You can also buy ready-made enemas in drugstores, for example Fleet in the UK, or CVS in the USA.

You can get cheap enema kits in online. Make sure to invest in the medically approved ones, you probably don’t want dangerous materials touching your sensitive areas 😬<

Before applying an enema drink 1-2 glasses of water — a sudden expulsion of a lot of feces can cause dehydration.

The procedure of doing an enema using an anal bulb is simple. Insert the nozzle into your anus (use some lube), and squirt the saline solution inside.

The butt can take in a lot more water than you need for the purpose of pre-anal enema. Internet sources on diet websites talk about “high volume colon cleanses” where as much as 4 litres are poured into the anus! Yikes — I wouldn’t do that without a consultation with a doctor. For our, down-to-earth, sex needs it’s enough to use around half a glass of saline solution (~125ml/4.5 oz).

After injecting the water wait until you feel the urge to clear your bowels, and go to the toilet. Clean yourself thoroughly. In around half an hour you should be good to try some bum fun. The 30 min waiting period is to make sure you don’t feel the toilet need again and to let the bum relax.

There is a lot of more precise enema-related advice out there. If you feel unsure better read up a little more about it beforehand.

3. Murphy’s law: prepare for the worst.

Time to do a, so called, premortem — envision the worst case scenario, and prepare for it.

Such preparation will provide the giver of anal sex with confidence to act appropriately regardless of the scenario. A the same time, the receiver will feel reassured. Preparation sends a message that accidents are normal, and that the giver is a pro who knows their trade. Openly talking about potential accidents is also a great way to dispel the embarrassment and worry the receivers may feel before their first anal play session.

Preparation for an anal sex session is not a one-sided responsibility.

Both the giver and the receiver can suggest their partner(s) to:

  • Keep wet wipes and a towel at arm’s reach.
  • Put a towel under the receiver’s butt (especially when pulling out a penis or a toy).
  • Bring an antiseptic cream to use in case of tears or soreness.

4. Don’t force it.

This advice is equally for the givers and the receivers of anal sex.

Receivers: If you are in pain, or something doesn’t feel right, that’s a message from your body. It’s telling you it wants to stop.

Givers: If your partner’s body doesn’t yield to your stimulation, let them rest, or stop completely.

The tissue inside the anus is very delicate and doesn’t lubricate itself naturally.Forcing a penis or a toy inside the butt can to cause bigger accidents than poop: tearing and bleeding.

Even with a willing receiver long and rough anal session can end with that outcome.

What to do if you have an “anal accident”

First of all, don’t panic. It’s perfectly normal and happens more often than you think.

By deciding to have anal sex you are taking a chance that an accident can happen. There is no one to blame for it, and it’s no one’s responsibility. Are we clear?

An accident involving poop can be very embarrassing for the receiver. It is in fact often their biggest concert in relation to anal sex — even bigger than the potential fear of pain! Therefore, apart from attending to the cleanliness of the surroundings, as a giver you also need to tend to the receiver’s mind. Reassure them accidents are normal and not a big deal. You know best what makes your partner feel safe and at ease — whether it’s stroking, cuddling, or a pint of beer.

The “ideal” approach is simple: laugh it off, and clean up. Tend to the needs of the butt you both so cherish, and get on with your life.

An accident doesn’t have to spoil “the mood”. If both parties are willing, it also doesn’t have end your sex session.We tend to form impressions about the event based on its ending. Switching to your “go-to sex favourites” will finish the encounter on a sweet note and create pleasant memories.

Poop — so what? Treat is as a lesson learned. I bet your first kiss wasn’t ideal either. Try again, next time you’ll do it better 👍

Last thing: Always communicate.

If at any point of anal play you feel a sudden urge to go to the toilet: say it! Better stop and go to the loo mid-way for a controlled emptying of the bowels, than risk unpleasant accidents of uncontrolled release during sex.

Ok, we have the poop question covered. That’s one of the main points regarding anal-sex hygiene, but not the only one! Another concern related to anal sex is infections. They deserve a whole separate blog post…

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